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ALTHAEA APPAREL is the must-have brand of women's, accessory, medical apparel. It’s what’s new and what’s now for the bold and the fashion-forward in health care.

There is more diversity to your workday wardrobe than merely faded hospital scrubs. That’s where we step in. Those non-scrub items that complete your look and feel are our focus of innovation.

Our design process integrates the direct consultation of medical personnel, from product ideas through design details, optimizing the practicality and comfort of each item.

Although your typical day may not take you from morning rounds to the Milan runway, we’ll keep you looking good – at clinic, on the unit, or wherever your practice of medicine takes you.

The Ancient Greek Expression For Healing

Your calling is an ancient one, born with humanity. In our perpetual fight with entropy - you are the warriors in this melee. Protectors of the weak. Guardians of those, two steps from hell, who would be overcome by disease and injury. While the world sleeps, naïve to your fight, you stand ever vigilant, turning pain to comfort, injury to healing, disease to health, oblivion to life and hope.

For this reason, the warrior is our emblem, embodying the values of our brand. Wear her proudly. She represents – you.
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